Frequently Asking Questions


 Do you have an Eco-friendly wood coating?

“Yes, We have a water-borne acrylic dispersion “HYDROTUFF“ which comply UAE and the international VOC regulations that cares about the environment.”

Can we use PU paints on steel?

Our Standard PU paints are for wood application only, for steel we have a special PU paint which is MASDUR.

Do you have a fire-resistant paint for wood?

“Yes, we do have FIRE RETARDANT R450 EAU and R451 EAU for wood application certified by the UAE Civil Defense.”

What Decorative Paints can be used for Exterior?

We have a wide range variety of products can be used for exterior such as MASTEX, MARMORINO, TILAL, MICROCEM and VELO

What do you recommend for a non-yellowing Wood paints?

“You can use Acrylic Paints for wood such as ACRYLIC-TA for interior application and ACRYLIC-UV for exteriors, And ACRYLIC-QD as a quick drying acrylic. “