MAS paints is the Best Manufacturer and Distributor of Foam Cement Machines in the UAE

What are FCM’s?
The Foam Cement Machine is an efficient low-dosage foaming mixture, which is used to produce light weight foam concrete for a variety of insulation and construction applications. It contains synthetic and naturally occurring surfactants, which synergize well together.

How do they work?
Foam Cement Machines help produce a stable aerated mortar, by entrapping air into prepared cement slurry in the shape of discontinued air bubbles, to form a cellular structure throughout the mass. The cellular structure significantly reduces the thermal conductivity and density of concrete, resulting in a lower dead load imposed on the structure. It provides excellent resistance from freezing and thawing.

What are they used for?
Used for the production of:

      1. Low density foamed mortar and concrete
      2. Flat roof insulation screeds
      3. Insulated floor screeds
      4. Backfill concrete
      5. Fabrication of light weight beams
      6. Blocks and panels
      7. Fire barriers
      8. Sound insulation of walls and ceilings
      9. Concrete encasement
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