Colours are key, when bringing charm and beauty to your surroundings. At MAS, we couple that charm with Quality paints, lacquers and finishes  to maintain your house’s design for lifespans to come.
We add textures and decorative effects to give our clients the power to transform walls into works of art. These values have enabled us to establish our brand as a worldwide competitor in the paint industry, in both wood and decorative paints. The quality of our products is guaranteed thanks to the careful selection of high-quality raw materials from Italy and Europe, experienced staff and cutting-edge technology.
Our mission is  to support your vision, by bringing your ideal home to life.
Providing the colour palette, that goes beyond just colour, encapsulating elegance, style and a splash of creativity.

MAS paints in 1994 established the MAS Paints and Chemical Industries factory in Jebel Ali, Dubai


Founded by Al-Atrash family, in Saudi Arabia 1990, to manufacture wood paints and finishes.
The company started manufacturing paint in Italy and in 1994 established the MAS Paints and Chemical Industries factory in Jebel Ali, Dubai.
Within a few years, we became the standard in the world of paints. In order to deal with the growing demand in the local and global market, the company moved to a bigger facility located in Sharjah Industrial Area.
With our growing range of wood and decorative paints, we were able to meet the specific demands of our clients and position ourselves at the forefront of the wood and decorative paint industry.
We promote MAS locally and globally, maintaining dynamic progression in the industry, embracing the highest standards and providing mutual co-operation between the manufacturer and our customers.
Service and quality remain our top priority regardless of the size of the project. We take greatpride in our work and provide a unique warranty on all decorative textured paints we apply.
As a proud industry partner of the International Federation of Interior Architects and Designers and (APID) the Association of Professional Interior Designers, the belief of the management and our quality and commitment made MAS Paints a ‘2000 certified company’.

Mas Paints

  • MAS Paints have a staff of 200+ people From different countries, cultures and faiths. We organize for them each month a social gathering in a place of their choice so they can have fun and enjoy the event all together.

  • We give additional FREE days off to people of all faiths to celebrate their religious festivity together with their community and friends.

  • Everytime we organize workshops and lectures at universities all around the UAE we always talk about the importance of TOLERANCE and coexistence to the students.




Mutafa Alatrash Mas Manager


The Al-Atrash brothers, Marwan, Osama and Mustafa, have always aimed to be different by offering a product that is supremely competitive in the market. It might seem readily achievable to many but it is not as easy as it seems. They have worked together over the years, through trials, research and, most importantly, market knowledge with masterful design features. They are pioneers in the paint manufacturing and supply industry and are very proud to have served MAS clients efficiently over the last 30 years.




After having completed his M.Econ in Economics from Marche Polytechnic University and an MBA from Istituto Adriano Olivetti Business School in Italy he worked 2 years as an accountant and a purchaser. Moving to Dubai in 2005 he joined MAS Paints as Vice Managing Director to monitor and support several departments of the company.
Specialized in Managerial Accounting, Macroeconomics and Finance he helped the company in growing and gaining market share. He worked hard to transform MAS Paints into a sustainable, environmentally friendly and people oriented company.
ABDULLAH has been volunteering social and human rights causes for more than 20 years.
He is a husband and proud father of two wonderful children.



René joined MAS Paints in 1995 and has more than 39 years of experience in paint manufacture.
After receiving his BA Science in Chemical Engineering from Adamson University in Manila, Philippines, he began his career in 1980 as a laboratory assistant at Asiacoat as well as part of the research and development team in Dutch Boy, Philippines. René pursued his career as assistant production manager for Systems and Coatings, specialising in the manufacture of industrial paints.
In 1987 he worked his first assignment was with Al Atrash Est. (now MAS Group) where he led the introduction of wood coatings, providing new innovations and working on different projects that served various clients in the region before assuming operations.
Currently managing and overseeing the overall activities of the company and providing direction in the development of the objectives of the company.


 Technical Manager

After completing his BA Science in applied chemistry in Damascus University, Marwan started his career as production manager in Mergarbane and Nouri working with international brands well known in the cosmetic, body care, and household industry.
In 2002 he moved to the UAE and start working at MAS as a research and development chemist and colour specialist.
With his exemplary work he developed and formulated new products as well as enhancing the existing range.
Marwan’s skill and knowledge has expanded beyond industrial paints and have had a positive impact on the business. His technical knowledge, integrity and dedication to his work make him asset to the team.


 Sales & Marketing Manager

After completing a BA in Engineering from Aleppo University of Syria, Ahmed moved to UAE in 1996 to start his career in Sales & Marketing.
Working in the field of industrial machinery for multi-national companies, Ahmed developed and implemented new marketing programs, built new business relationships and cemented a substantial client base.
Moving to MAS as sales  manager in 2009, leading a team of sales executives and overseeing all major projects and implementing solutions to problems.
Supervising the over-all marketing strategies for quality, price and services, he conducts advanced marketing and competitive analysis locally and internationally
Ahmed plays a major role in helping MAS to be a reputed firm in the field of paints and coatings.



After completing his computer From Osmania University and MBA in Small Scale Industry from Jawher lal Technological University in Hyderabad.
After university, Khadeer worked at Hari Agarwal Charted Accountants as an as an Auditor and Accountant from 1996 to 1998 where he gained his experience and appreciation of working in a company. Before coming to Dubai, he was happy he had work experience in his home country of India before joining the MAS Paints team and having the cosmopolitan experience.
Working in MAS Paints as Purchasing Manager he is responsible for sourcing raw materials and equipment services and tasked with maintaining the multinational manufacturers, suppliers and traders efficiently on a global scale.
Khadeer is an experienced procurement manager, with 22 years in MAS Paints. His contribution to MAS is sincere hard work and professionalism with great vision to give our company globally recognition.He maintains a healthy family and work balance which keeps his soul and mind in tact and he is an asset to the MAS Paints family.


 Chief Accountant

As a dedicated and detail-oriented accounting professional, Alnasir Adhikari has been meeting the accounting needs of corporations for more than 33 years.
After completing his BA in Accountancy from Bombay University he moved to the UAE.
Nasir got his start in the accounting industry when he was a junior in high school, where he joined a chartered accounting firm as an intern for 3 years.
After leaving the firm in 1990 he worked in a credit society bank for 5 years.
With his careful and analysing mind, along with his computational skills Nasir has been successfully running the accounts department of MAS for 25 years.


 Design Director

After completing her BA Arts from Curtin University, she won the Waves Future Fashion Designer Award and had her work displayed in various print media and exhibitions throughout Australia.
Moving to Dubai in 2005, she worked with Emirates Airline as an onboard manager working with more than 100+ nationalities.
After leaving she worked with Studio HBA working in business development, where she gained her insight and appreciation into the interior design world.
For two years she was the director of APID (Association of Professional Interior Designers) and was engaged in projects to assist with the growth of the interiors community regionally as well as establishing Dubai as the design hub of the Middle East.
Moving across to MAS in 2017 she has overseen the companies rebranding, as well as the extensive marketing and PR that helped MAS Paints be named the 2019 Inside Out Peoples’ Choice Award for ‘Best Paint Company’.
An experienced designer with a demonstrated history in the design industry, Renae is skilled in client management and has professional values that make her an asset to the MAS team.



After completing his D.D.S in 2011, Saad Alarash did not pursue his career as a dentist. On the other hand, he joined Mas Paints team. At first, Saad was hired as a sales representative where he was able to gain a good knowledge of the market and sales operational tasks. This made him a good candidate to coordinate the sales operation. Hence, Saad was assigned a sales coordinator position at Mas paints.
Being a sales coordinator Saad was able to expand his background of the market and market demand by coordinating all sales tasks. Therefore, he understood the market demand better and more effectively. Saad Alatrash did his best to assure that the sales process is running smoothly for both clients and Mas Paints and always said “I like what the founder of McDonald’s once said. Look after the customers and the business will take care of itself. This is very true because a happy client means your business is functioning properly”.
Working as a Sales Representative as well as a Sales Coordinator provided Saad with a lot of market knowledge and experience where he was able to build strong relationships with both local and international clients as well as suppliers. As previously mentioned, Saad was responsible for the sales operational tasks working as a Sales Coordinator and being involved in the process on daily basis he successfully built a good relationship between Mas Paints and both clients and suppliers.
Now, Saad Alatrash is the Procurement Manger of Mas Paints and Mas Group LLC Saudi Arabia. He gained this position because he was able to locate very good suppliers for raw materials of high quality at a competitive price. At Mas Paints quality comes first so we do our best to maintain our quality.
“Quality is what differentiate us. Not just the quality of our products and services but also the quality we gain by satisfying our clients demands. It makes me very happy to know that in some way our organization was able draw a smile on someone’s face”


If you are interested in becoming an authorized dealer of our products in your country, having any mutual business cooperation or any queries, fill your information  and we will contact you soon.