Choosing the Right Wood Finish: Acrylic, PU, or Polyester?

Choosing the suitable wood finish for your project helps preserve it for much longer. There are many different types of wood finishes, and each type applies to specific design choices and environments. Learn more about the right place for each wood finish by reading the rest of this handy guide.

Acrylic Wood Finish

Acrylic is a good finish that works well when your goal is to preserve the wood’s integrity and cover up scratches. These water-based finishes stay on the wood’s surface rather than seeping in like oil-based finishes. Acrylic finishes can last up to five years, far longer than any oil-based finishes.

An acrylic finish gives your project a glossy, reflective finish, making it scratch and moisture-resistant. It’s one of the best options for outdoor furniture as it can also act as a UV and weather-resistant seal.

Polyester Wood Finish

A polyester finish will protect the wooden surface from scratches and stains. It also doesn’t react with very many chemicals once it’s hardened, which makes it great for table surfaces where you may be serving food and drinks. Once you apply the polyester finish, the surface will have a mirror-like glossy look.

When thinking of polyester wood finishes, think about the luxurious, glossy wood finishes you’d find on the dashboards of classic cars and speedboats. It’s a long-lasting, industrial-strength wood finish and the most expensive wood finish on this list. This is because the technology was used to make heat and water-resistant parts for boats and aircraft.

Polyurethane (PU) Wood Finish

PU finishes are popular nowadays because they’re more affordable than hardy polyester finishes. A PU finish is also the most natural-looking finish on this list.

PUs can be water- or oil-based, which means that they can be applied in various ways. Some are ready to go right out of the can, while you may need to mix other kinds with a catalyst before they can start the curing process. They also offer the most aesthetic versatility as they can range from matte finishes to high-gloss

Choose the Best Finish for Your Next Project

There are many products available to help seal and strengthen your wooden projects. Selecting the right wood finish for the project you’re working on affects how well it matches its surroundings as well as its durability.

Acrylic and polyester finishes are high-gloss finishes that offer excellent scratch and weatherproofing; polyester takes all these qualities to the extreme. A PU finish is a more affordable and natural-looking alternative that protects the wood from scratches.

Choosing the right wood finish can bring your project to life and keep it together longer. Find the right wood finishes for your projects today in our range of products.