Coastal Chic: How to Achieve a Sophisticated Coastal Interior Look

Summer is upon us, meaning now is the perfect time to refresh your home for the chilled-out season ahead.

If you’re one to follow the latest design trends, you might already be aware of “coastal chic”, acclaimed by Architectural Digest as the quintessential home decor trend for the season. Coastal chic brings the serenity of the sky and the sea into your home, no matter what kind of property you live in.

With a few simple styling tips and the right eye for color, you can incorporate coastal decor to make your home feel like a serene and secretive beach-side hideaway.

Coastal Chic Color Palette

The essential interior decor ingredient when it comes to coastal chic is your color palette. You want colors that instantly evoke the feeling of the beach, ones that are inspired by the scenery of the coast and can give you that essential light and airy feel.

This means going beyond your standard sky blue and cloudy white to embody coastal chic decor. Think sandy beige colors (check our ALBA decorative finish), seafoam green (check our SETA decorative finish), and varying tones of crisp white with light natural texture as MAS Marmorino to evoke the sense of linens floating in the sea breeze.

You can explore our extensive product selection to find the paints that will bring the beach to your home decor. 

Get Your Textures

The beach is about touch and texture as much as it is about color. This is where some very simple interior design touches can make a world of difference.

Opt for nautical materials such as rattan, jute, rope, bamboo, and even driftwood, as these will instantly evoke a lazy and dreamy day at the beach.

You can also opt for the likes of linen, whitewashed wood, and seagrass to bring a more Hamptons-esque beach cottage vibe to your home.

Beach Bungalow Decor

A few decorative touches inspired by a classic beach bungalow will complement your color palette and textures to bring the coastal chic look together and make it feel authentic. This is a very simple and cost-effective step.

All you need to do is rustle up some seashells, some coral, some starfish, or some tasteful marine-inspired artwork. Display these on the walls or as centerpieces if you really want to pass the assignment. 

Tranquil Furnishings

If you’re opting for a full overhaul of your home decor, then make sure to choose furniture that matches your coastal chic ambitions.

If you have ever spent time at a classic beachfront property, this shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

Think creamy slip-covered sofas, curved wicker chairs, and weatherbeaten wooden tables. All of these will help your home feel like an exclusive hidden paradise, nestled away on some exotic stretch of coastline. 

Bring The Beach Into Your Home

Coastal chic is more than just an aesthetic choice. It’s a statement and a commitment to a way of being. It’s about bringing the serenity of the coast and its therapeutic atmosphere into your own private sanctuary.

It’s about embracing a more free-spirited way of living, expressed through design.

For this, we can help you get there. With our high-quality paints, you can achieve the picture-perfect look for your coastal-inspired bolthole.