Four Stunning Living Room Furniture Trends in 2023

It’s crucial that your house always feels like a home. But sometimes, it’s easier said than done.

Do you sometimes sit in your living room and think that it’s not truly fit for living? 

It might be that you need to upgrade your living room with some new furniture. But what’s the best option for living room furniture? What are the trends that’ll work for this year and the coming years?

This guide will break down some of the most stunning living room trends for you to consider.

Here’s what you should know:

1. Decorative Storage

The first trend to consider is using your living room for decorative storage options. 

For example, imagine walking into a living room and seeing bookshelves wrapped around the room. You’ll feel a great sense of peace and enrichment if you see this.

What you might not realise is that you’re seeing a storage unit. After all, a bookshelf is storage space for your books and other media. Yet, it gives a great ambience to your living room. Consider installing it in your living room.

2. Classic Furniture

Now’s the time to make a return to classic furniture when you decide on your interior design.

Regardless of your interior design choice, classic furniture will always be in style. Even if you choose a modern design, classic wood furniture with gloss, semigloss or matt finish provides a stark but beautiful contrast.

This is the time to get out the antique chair and the mahogany bureau (create the necessary tone by applying wood dyes). This works well if you have classic tapestries on your wall. It also works well if you have an Art Deco look. Whether you want to blend in or contrast, classic furniture is here to stay in 2023.

3. Colour Choices

When you choose furniture in 2023, take special care when deciding on the colour.

You can choose to blend in or contrast with the layout of your living room. Let’s say you have yellow walls. You might want to use teak or mahogany wood.

If you have darker walls such as dark blue or green, then consider red, beige, or white furniture. A white sofa, for instance, works well if you have blue or green walls.

If you are looking for a coloured furniture finish, check out our polyurethane pigmented finish available in Natural Colour System

4. Size and Material

The final of the living room furniture trends is to look at the size and material of the furniture.

This is the year to indulge in oversized furniture. You want your furniture to stand out and announce its presence in your living room.

Likewise, experiment with different materials. You can have a desk made of wood and a coffee table made of marble (or marble-like effect finish) or epoxy resin. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different sizes and materials.

Consider These Living Room Trends

Now you know the popular living room trends that are making waves in 2023.

This is the year to have decorative storage. You can use your living room for storing books and this is an opportunity for improving the decor of the room.

You also want to incorporate classic furniture no matter what your decor is. You should also experiment with colour choices, furniture sizes, and different materials.

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