How to Choose the Right Epoxy Resin for Your Project

Epoxy resin is an important tool for a variety of applications.

Because it has tough mechanical properties, strength, chemical resistance, and UV resistance – much more than other types of resin – epoxy is the best choice for everything from works of art to industrial flooring. There are numerous epoxy resin formulas, but choosing the right one for your application is crucial.

Today, we’re going to help you find the best epoxy resin for your application. If you want to buy epoxy resin that works, you need to do your research. Keep reading, and we’ll ensure you understand where to put your money.

Jewelry and Artistic Applications

Epoxy resin is incredibly helpful in the art world, especially when you’re talking about decorative home decor and jewelry. With epoxy resin, it’s easy to make things like buttons, cabinet handles, napkin holders, and various decorative art pieces.

In terms of jewelry, you can use epoxy to set beads, glitter, or flowers and create unique custom pieces. The best epoxy resin for these applications would be our EPODECOR #1000. It’s highly transparent and has resistance to yellowing from UV exposure.


Epoxy is very strong and binding, which makes it great for small repairs to wood furniture, ceramic pieces, and even glass. You won’t necessarily be able to restore them to their initial state, but the resin will give you an effective adhesive that looks relatively seamless.

Any of the EPODECOR resins – #700, #800, and #1000 – are suitable for making small repairs. It depends on what you’re repairing and how thick you need the resin to be.

Flooring and Structural Engineering

Epoxy resin is often used to laminate wood and concrete. This is popular for making decks, walls, and roofs, and helps secure things that need a strong substrate bond.  It’s great for any construction project and can be used in the construction of machines.

One of the most popular uses of epoxy resin is flooring, whether it’s decorative floors in a commercial space or a residential garage. Epoxy is strong, chemical resistant, and UV resistant, which is why so many homeowners choose it for their garages.

Both the EPOFLOOR-S and EPOFLOOR-SF are great options for your floors that take a beating. The former is a popular choice for warehouses, showrooms, and airports, while the latter is best for places like food processing plants, breweries, and textile mills.

If you’re looking for resin for a decorative floor, EPODECOR #700 is perfect. It’s transparent and gives an abrasion-resistant finish that lets the decor shine through blemish-free.

Purchase Epoxy Resin from MAS Paints

Now that you have a better idea of which epoxy resin you need, it’s time to tell you how to get it. At MAS Paints, we’ve been a leader in the world of paints and chemicals since 1990.

Each of our epoxy resin formulas has been developed to achieve the results we’ve discussed here. To learn more about them, view this info sheet. If you want to talk to one of our helpful representatives about our epoxy, don’t hesitate to contact us ASAP.