Top 5 Protective Topcoats

There’s no point using lower-quality materials when doing your home renovations. This will necessitate rework a few months down the road. 

This especially applies when using paint to change the atmosphere and ambience of a room. Apply a protective topcoat to the painted wall so it lasts longer and doesn’t start fading after a few months. You can also use a protective coat for artwork and wood to protect them from wear and tear and yellowing.

There are many kinds of topcoats on the market. In the article below, we will discuss the five top ones. 

1. Hydrowax

This is a water-based wax, which gives a glossy finish to any surface that requires it. This protective topcoat also imparts water-resistant and stain-resistant properties to your painted walls. It’s user-friendly and waterproof, while at the same time giving high-performance paint protection.

Since it comes in a liquid state, it’s easy to add coloured pigment pastes, metallic powders, and other compatible fine art materials to it with ease, to create unique paint combinations for your home or office. 

2. Mas Protect

Mas Protect is an acrylic-based material used for paint protection in interior and exterior decorative paint. Applying it will avoid fading and effervescence. 

This topcoat is opaque and clear, and you can use a brush or roller to apply it easily in your home or office. It comes ready to use, but you can dilute it with 5-10% of fresh water, based on your preference. 

3. Hydropox

This is a water-based epoxy coating that comes with excellent characteristics like chemical, and abrasion resistance, good adhesion properties, and resistance against bacterial and fungal growth on the surface. If you live in a particularly humid part of the world, then this would be a good topcoat to apply to your paint job.

4. Epodecor 700

When looking for protection for artwork and wood furniture in your home, then Epodecor 700 is a great option. This is a 100% solid epoxy system (two-component) with medium viscosity. You can use it for decorative flooring or applying artistic design. 

It is also highly resistant to yellowing over time and provides a hard-wearing abrasion-resistant finish. 

5. Epodecor 1000

Similar to the one above, this too is a 100% solid epoxy system (two-component) with a high degree of crystal transparency and resistance to yellowing. You can use this for decorative flooring and the creation of artistic objects with crystal effects. 

It’s widely used for the lamination of wooden tables and the treatment of stone ornaments like marble, granite, and slate. 

Use a Protective Topcoat To Improve Your Paint Job’s Longevity

With all these options to choose from, you won’t have to worry about your paint job degrading, going yellow, or wearing out within months. If you aren’t sure which protection topcoat to choose for your renovation job, then you can drop by our Sharjah or Abu Dhabi showrooms for a chat about protective topcoats. Or contact us and we will be glad to assist you.