Myths About the Epoxy Floor

Did you know that epoxy has been around for almost 100 years? Within that time, there have been a lot of myths that have arisen about this floor coating.

We are here to debunk those myths about epoxy floor coatings. Keep reading to learn the truth so that you understand how great epoxy paint really is and why you should be using it as a coating.

Epoxy Is Expensive

One of the most common myths that you will hear about an epoxy floor is that is expensive. This is not true. Although it may be an initial investment, it is durable and easy to maintain so it will last a long time.

Once it is installed, you do not have to worry about any more costs associated with it.

You may be paying more upfront and concrete, but it is much more sustainable in the long run.

You Can Do a DIY Installation

You may have heard that you were able to install an epoxy floor coating on your own. Many people do this with kits.

However, using a kit is not the same quality as having a professional to do it for you. Having a professional do the epoxy garage flooring for you means that they have the right tools and a high-quality coating that will last much longer.

Although you may think you are saving money doing it yourself, it is best to have a professional do it for you.

You Have to Re-coat Often

Some people think that you need to re-coat the garage floor with epoxy every few years.

Epoxy is a type of coating that doesn’t mean to be re-coated very often. It can last up to 15 years and will not need much maintenance in between.

It Is Hard to Maintain

Epoxy is actually one of the easiest floor coatings to maintain. Since it does not ship or stain, you do not have to worry about cleaning as often or getting repairs done as often. If you choose to go this route for a floor coating, you can rest assured that you are not going to be maintaining it very often.

There Is No Prep Work Needed

It is important to hire a professional because there is actually a lot of prep work that is needed when you want to install epoxy. For starters, you need to remove all loose cement and open concrete pours before applying epoxy. A professional will need to grind down the floor correctly before the coating is applied.

Epoxy Floor Coating Myths

Now that we have debunked the epoxy floor coating myths, you may start to think that you want to go through with this type of coating for your garage floor.

Epoxy is a type of coating that’s easy to maintain, does not require re-coating often, and is inexpensive. At MAS Paints, you can find various types of epoxy for flooring, such as EPOFLOOR – S and EPOFLOOR – SF, or MAS Epodecor #700 and #1000 that are perfect for floor finishing or artistic decorative floor projects. If you need help to choose the best grade and highest quality coating for your needs, contact us at Mas Paints.