Interior Design Trends 2023

The interior design industry was valued at $150.7 billion in 2020. This shows that over recent years there’s been a high demand for improving the attractiveness of one’s home and keeping up with the times.

Maybe you want to add more style, space, and ambiance to your home. Then, we’re here to tell you all about the Interior Design Trends of 2023. That way, you can ensure your design choices are kept up-to-speed and modern.

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What Are the New Interior Design Trends of 2023?

There are many ways in which you can spruce up your home coming into the new year. We’ll show you some of them, including adding décor, wood finishes, and patterns.

Let’s take a look at them.

1. Wood and Other Natural Materials

Interior designers have said that wood is becoming more popular for all kinds of decorations and furniture. Living in an ever-changing world, it’s nice to be able to spruce things up a little. That’s what you get with wood.

Pine wood is especially trending, while it might not have been the first one you’d think of. To create a pine effect, you can use wood stains, giving your hardwood furniture the right tone.

Other natural materials, such as plants and stone, are also getting their chance now too, as home decorations.

2. Texture Everywhere

This year, plaster and lime started making headway as modern popular textures. In 2023, they could even be added to every home as design choices, by the looks of things.

Textured lime wall finishes might be on your list already. Implementing a plaster hood in your kitchen can make it more appealing. If you are looking for the textured wall finishes, check out MAS decorative paints that are available in a wide variety of colours and techniques. 

3. Natural Stone Slabs

Stone slabs are taking over when it comes to ceiling and worktop materials. They blend well into the floor and showcase your whole kitchen in a way that shows off pizzazz.

They’re original, filled with attraction, and will leave your visitors awestruck when they see this new design after walking into your home. Containing wonderful mosaics, natural stone slabs accompany mixed-color finishes.

A little trick: if the natural stone slab goes beyond your renovation budget, consider using special decorative effect paints that imitate natural materials such as marble.

4. Soft-Modern Design for kitchens

There has been a growing desire for contemporary-style kitchens. But there’s also been an interest in kitchens that removes the cold feeling that can come with them often and put people off spending time in them.

With a soft-modern kitchen, you get a warm feeling as you walk into the room. Adding in something different such as matte for shelves. 

Whether you prefer keep the natural wood texture or add some colour, PU paints will be the optimal solution for your kitchen that will keep the excellent look of your furniture for many years ahead.

5. High-Gloss Wood Finishes

Instead of matte, another alternative is high-gloss wood finishes. After painting your furniture, then gloss it over with a stylish finish that will turn heads.

Choose your own style, make it your own, and put your personal slant on it. High-gloss finishes are trending coming into 2023, so it’s time to get in with it.

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