A Complete Guide to MARMORINO Paint Finish Maintenance

The MARMORINO paint options are one of MAS Paints best sellers for exterior and interior detailing.

And that comes as no surprise to those who know their paints. The line is renowned amongst everyone from homeowners to celebrity interior designers for its ability to suit any design style—modern, classic, industrial, modern farmhouse, and more.

Once you’ve invested in this prestige wall decor, you want to ensure the paint finish lasts as long as possible. And that means knowing how to maintain it.

Read the “owners and experts manual” below to learn how.

Marmorino Swatches

Test First, Clean Later

The MARMORINO range of paints was developed from an ancient Venetian paint technique. It’s a modernized version of a 12th-century recipe that uses natural pigments, marble dust, and mineral lime mixed with contemporary additives.

As such, extra care must be taken before attempting house maintenance on a MARMORINO-decorated surface.

Testing allows you to see how the surface reacts to the cleaning method you hope to employ. Using a dry or slightly damp cloth, rub an inconspicuous area of the wall or surface. If you see a chalk-like powder on the fabric, don’t attempt to wash it with any type of cleaning solution.

Instead, only clean stains with the same cloth you used for testing.

Cleaning Your MARMORINO Walls

The many natural materials that makeup MARMORINO’s unique formula, while hardwearing, make the paint porous. It collects dust and debris quickly, and regular paint maintenance is necessary.

If you tested your surface and the finish is durable, you can move on to cleaning it. Follow this method:

  • Dilute a mild detergent in warm water—we recommend a ratio of 1:50
  • Gently wipe the surface with a decorators sponge
  • Let the wall dry naturally, or wipe immediately with a dry cloth

If the dirt or stain remains, repeat the above process until its removed.

MARMORINO Paints: Cleaning Cautions

Like any area of home maintenance, you need to know as much about what to do as what not. When cleaning your painted walls, avoid:

  • Concentrated alkali and acidic solutions
  • Powerful solvents
  • Abrasive cleaning powders or creams
  • Scouring pads or steel wool
  • Boiling water

Strong cleaning products soften the paint’s surface, which can adversely alter the texture or colour. In addition, always use a pure white cleaning cloth.

Making Repairs

Are you dealing with serious interior paint damage—scratches, dings, or chips? In this case, gently clean the surface using the method above, use a putty filler to fill any holes (if necessary), sand the surface lightly, and repaint the area using the same paint.

When the paint is initially applied, always put a few cans aside for touch-ups.

Preserving That Authentic MARMORINO Paint Finish

MARMORINO is a premium decorative product that provides a highly coveted, natural stone paint finish.

Due to its unique formulation, this line requires owners and tradespeople to pay more attention to the maintenance, cleaning, and stain removal process than other paints. Test an inconspicuous area before applying cleaning solution or water, and if you’re unsure how to care for your wall, contact a MAS Paints technical representative.

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