5 Popular Master Bedroom Interior Styles

According to research from MovingHomeAdvice.com, homeowners spend roughly 6.8 hours in their master bedrooms daily. Since you spend so much time in this room, it only makes sense to make it beautiful!

That’s why revamping your master bedroom can be such a fun project. There are several interior styles to choose from, each making this room a more comfortable space. All you have to do is choose the interior design that best suits your taste and budget.

You may be unsure how best to redesign this room. Check out these five popular design ideas to start planning your project.

1. Traditional Bedroom Designs

Traditional bedroom designs never fall out of fashion. When following this design, remember these basic guidelines.

First, symmetry is critical to traditional master bedroom décor. Everything should come in pairs, including:

  • end tables
  • lamps
  • sofas
  • chairs

These pairs create a mirrored feeling in the room, revolving around the bed on the centre wall. Also, remember that these layouts incorporate rich colours. Many use dark wood stains to create an old world beauty.

2. Contemporary Master Bedroom Ideas

Contemporary designs diverge from some traditional norms. A critical aspect of these designs is the lighting.

Most contemporary designs include high quantities of natural light. This lighting can improve your mental health as well as your bedroom design! You can also get windows with textured glass that allows light inside while preventing visual intrusion into your room.

Contemporary designs also thrive on natural colours, such as:

  • white
  • brown
  • cream
  • beige
  • tan

You can find several decorative paints to achieve these colours. Finally, these designs also feature wooden furniture. However, these woods must be either light or dark stained.

3. Cottage Master Bedroom Styles

The cottage style can be a lovely middle ground between contemporary and traditional designs. Like contemporary styles, cottage bedrooms rely on light colours to create a sense of brightness and openness.

You can also design cottage bedrooms with pastel paints and epoxy decorations. Then, choose some eclectic furnishings.

Cottage bedroom styles rely on unique furniture to give them personality. These furnishings usually come from antique stores or family heirlooms.

4. Romantic Bedroom Styles

Romantic bedroom styles are the perfect way to cap off a date night. Like cottage designs, these bedrooms can blend elements of contemporary and traditional décor ideas.

Like a traditional bedroom, the bedding takes centre stage in this design. Focus on making the bed look soft and inviting, and perhaps add a unique headboard to draw the eye.

Unlike the other designs, warm colours take a strong position in these bedrooms. Reds and pinks are crucial for this design style, but you can also add gold paints and leafing to accent these colours.

5. Coastal Bedroom Designs

Maybe you live on the coast and want a bedroom that accents that. Or perhaps you dream of grand coastal vacations but rarely get to go.

In these cases, coastal bedroom designs are excellent choices. First, remember that colour matters. Choose coastal colours, such as:

  • light blue
  • navy blue
  • green blue
  • yellows
  • whites

These colours brighten the space and make it feel “beachy.” Next, choose beach-themed art for the décor. Paintings of beach scenes or sea creatures can make the place feel like a coastal home.

Use Our Paints to Remodel Your Master Bedroom

As you can see, several design choices exist for your master bedroom. Browse through some popular options and decide which one best suits your tastes.

Then, use our paints to help you achieve your desired look! We offer several kinds of paints that can freshen your master bedroom. Check out our selections today!