Furniture Restoration: 5 Products You Will Definitely Need in the Process

Have you found a beautiful antique table or chair? It might be a little worse for the wear on the surface, but you can see what it could be. If so, you have a perfect piece for a furniture restoration project.

If you’re starting a furniture restoration project, you’ll need a few products. Let’s take a look at five products that will make your project go perfectly.


You’ll need a variety of tools when you start restoring your pieces. If you need to strip them, you’ll need brushes to apply the stripping product, a plastic putty knife to remove the layers of paint, and a bucket to put the gunk in.

You can use medium-grade sandpaper to sand down the piece. A sanding block can make holding and using sandpaper easier. Alternatively, you could use an electric hand sander.

Once you’ve removed all of the layers you need to, make sure to fill any holes, cracks, or other flaws. You’ll need wood putty and a putty knife for this. At MAS Paints, we have a variety of putty available, both polyurethane and polyester, based on your project needs. 

Finally, make sure to have rags available when you are cleaning the furniture. A clean surface will make it easier to apply your coatings smoothly.


Wood and furniture primers are key to helping your paint stick to the furniture piece. It also allows the correct paint colour to show up.

We recommend applying one or two coats of PU sealer or PU primer, so make sure you buy enough. If your paint is dark-coloured, use a grey primer. However, use a white primer if the paint is light-coloured. After letting primer dry, sand the surface with 240 – 360 grit sandpaper. To achieve a very smooth finish, apply another coat of sealer and sand with 400 – 600 grit sandpaper before top coating.

Always apply the primer in thin coats. This will allow the primer to dry quickly and you to apply even coats.

Paints or Stains

Whether you choose paints or stains will depend on the look you want. However, the condition of the piece may also come into play.

If your piece has only minor flaws that you are able to sand out, you can use stain. This can help protect the wood and let its beauty shine through. Stain must be chosen according to the application system, the nature of the substrate to be stained, and required light fastness. Stain can be applied by hand staining with a clean, soft, lint-free white cloth, spray application and dipping.

If your piece has more serious flaws, you might want to opt for paint. This is because paint can usually cover and hide many flaws. In addition, paint is usually better for pieces that are not made of solid wood. 

Stains usually come in natural wood colours. Paint is available in a variety of shades. 

Furniture Coatings

PU lacquers are the most common coatings used for home furniture. It seals the paint and protects it from the elements. Because of this, it’s highly recommended to use it if your piece will be heavily used or in a high-traffic area. Lacquer also gives a beautiful, gloss, semigloss or matt look. On MAS Paints you can find a wide variety of PU lacquers: clear, pigmented, gloss, semigloss and matt.

There are also other options to choose from. You might want to consider a MAS wood decorative finish that protects against the sun’s rays and from humidity and moisture.

Safety Gear

Safety gear is an often overlooked product that you need when restoring furniture. However, it is critical when working with the tools and products listed so far.

Safety goggles are a must. They can protect your eyes from splinters and dust that gets in the air. In addition, wearing a mask and working in a well-ventilated room will prevent you from breathing in toxic fumes.

You should also wear long-sleeve clothing and long pants. This will help protect your skiing from the chemicals that are usually found in varnishes and strippers. Don’t forget gloves to prevent you from getting paint or other chemicals on your skin.

Get These Products for Your Furniture Restoration Project

If you’re starting a furniture restoration project, there will be a few products you will definitely need. Make sure to gather your tools, safety gear, primer, paint or stain, and coatings to get started.

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