How to Choose Epoxy for Flooring: Things to Consider

When designing or renovating a home, one of the bigger decisions you make is between the different types of flooring materials. There are several common options, such as hardwood, tile, or carpeting.

Of course, not every space in your home needs or benefits from traditional choices. Hardwood and carpeting rarely do well in spaces like basements. Most traditional options make no sense in areas like a garage.

In spaces like those, using epoxy for flooring can provide you with a durable solution to your flooring quandary. That does leave you with the problem of how to choose epoxy for your project.

What Is Epoxy?

In basic terms, epoxy is a two-part part system that contains epoxy resin and a hardening agent. In some applications, you get the resin and hardener in separate containers, while other products come premixed. Premixed products often offer faster application, but you do give up a bit of control.

Once you mix or at least apply the epoxy, it begins the curing process. As it cures, the epoxy hardens on whatever surface you apply it to. So, in the case of a basement, you apply to the concrete and allow it to cure.

Cure times can vary. For example, Epodecor 1000 resin takes 10 to 15 days to cure completely.

Benefits of Epoxy

An epoxy coating for a floor offers a number of benefits. As mentioned above, epoxy floors demonstrate excellent durability. You can also add colour to some resins to add an artistic touch to your floor, such as the Epofloor SF resin.

As a general rule, resin floors show excellent resistance to oil and water, which makes cleaning the floors much simpler. If you work with chemicals in your business space, resin flooring also shows good chemical resistance.

Choosing Epoxy

Choosing the right epoxy starts with understanding your own needs. Are you looking for a flooring solution for a commercial space with lots of foot traffic? In those cases, you’ll want to look for an epoxy with the best durability you can find.

What if you’re looking to do something artistic with your floor? In cases like that, you want an epoxy designed with decorative flooring in mind, such as the Ecodecor 700 resin.

You also want to consider the final appearance of the epoxy as well. Are you looking for more of a matte finish or a high gloss? Different products will provide you with different finish results.

Epoxy for Flooring and You

Epoxy for flooring works great in a number of situations. It’s good for commercial and industrial spaces with high traffic.

It also works well in residential settings, particularly in areas where other flooring materials won’t work. Garages and basements are popular choices for epoxy floor coating. It protects the concrete from damage while making cleaning much easier.

When picking an epoxy, make sure you get a clear handle on your needs first so you can pick the right product.

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