Sustainable Interiors: The Trends You Need to Know About

Research shows that 96% of surveyed people moved towards sustainable interiors in their homes. That could be anything from installing window blinds to repurposing furniture.

The trend for sustainable interiors looks set to stay. So, have you considered ways to improve your home? You’ve come to the right place if you are interested in renovating in a low-impact and sustainable manner.

We’ll guide you through the top trends for sustainable interior improvement projects that you can start today.

Repurposed Decor and Furniture

Repurposed furniture is a term given to pieces used in a manner that is different from the maker’s original design or style. For example, you can freshen up old drawers with a new layer of paint.

A popular trend for this year is to contrast paints. For example, with an old chest of drawers, paint the outside in neutral colours, such as the MAS shade range.

Then on the inside, use bright neons or metallics. Marble or crackling effect paint will give a sense of luxury to the item. The contrast will make you smile when you open the drawers.

MAS decorative paints come in various shades and special effects, so you can choose the perfect design for your home. Repurposing worn-out furniture is the ideal way to give something a new life.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know you can improve your home’s energy efficiency with sustainable interior trends? An astonishing 35% of heat is lost through your home’s walls.

Heat loss is terrible for the environment and your energy bills. So, if your walls are looking for a revamp, paint them in MASTHERM #6000 paints with thermal insulation.

Sustainable Paints

Purchase non-harmful paints if you are researching sustainable interiors because you care about the environment and your health. Many household paints contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

There is a long list of VOCs that wreak havoc on our bodies and the environment. But, unfortunately, they won’t be listed on the paint label. However, MAS paints are Zero VOC and safe.

Zero Voc paints are non-toxic and are even considered baby safe. As a company dedicated to sustainable interiors, MAS are also carbon neutral paint. So, let yourself get creative and play safely with MAS paints in your designs.

Natural Materials

Another popular sustainable interior trend is upcycling natural materials. Upcycling trends are different from repurposing because the owner’s original function remains the same.

The most popular material for upcycling is natural wood, with marble a close second. Wood’s natural markings and colourings fade by prolonged exposure to sunlight. However, upcycling furniture with wood stains is now possible.

The wood stains are transparent, but they will bring out the shades of your natural wood while giving it a layer of protection. You could also upcycle wooden items by covering them in marble-imitating paint.

For example, the MAS marble effect paint will leave your furniture looking like granite and other mottled marbles. It’s an economical and safe replacement for natural marble with a much lower price tag.

Sustainable Interiors Everyone Can Achieve

From repurposing to upcycling; stains to paints, these top trends are the best way for you to achieve the sustainable interiors you desire.

At MAS paints, we care about making sustainable homes affordable and helping you achieve elegance, style, and creativity with a splash of paint.

So, let yourself dream big and start planning your sustainable interiors today. To get started, check out our full product range online.