Sun Protection: How to Protect Wood Furniture and Terraces From the Sun

If you want to keep your wood terraces and furniture beautiful, it’s best not to keep them in the sun. UV light that comes from this cosmic body causes sun damage. When this happens to wooden items, their colours fade.

However, most wood terraces are meant to be in the sun and plenty of wooden furniture is designed for outdoor use. Therefore, you may have home decor reasons that prevent you from keeping your wooden possessions indoors. In these cases, it’s best to find ways to protect the wood from the sun.

If you’re interested in learning some sun protection methods for your wooden items, read on.

Move Your Furniture

Moving your furniture to a safer spot when it gets too sunny outside is one way to protect it. If you don’t have any shade-creating plants or other features, consider placing your furniture in your home or in a shed. If your furniture is too heavy for you to move each time, adding casters to their legs can make things easier.

Furniture Covers

Many manufacturers make specialized covers that can prevent sun damage. You can place them on your wooden furniture pieces and terraces when you’re not using them.

It will take some extra work to remove and replace the covers each time. They also might not look as beautiful as they would be if you left them uncovered. However, these are sacrifices that you will have to make to keep your furniture beautiful for longer.

Types of Shading Features

There are a wide variety of different methods that you can use to provide shade for your outdoor wooden features. Strategic placement under plants or in your home’s shadow is one possibility.

Another is to buy furniture pieces made to provide shade. These include umbrellas, curtains, screens, and so on. As an added bonus, these pieces can keep yourself, your guests, and any housemates cool when the temperatures get high.

Sun Protection Paints and Coatings

We also advise using special paints and lacquers that resist UV rays. You can add them to your wooden furniture to prevent them from fading and damaging under the daily sun exposure.

For example, MAS offers special clear wood finishes that are based on non-yellowing hydroxyl functional acrylic resins and saturated isocyanates. These lacquers are available in matt, semigloss, and gloss options to meet any design style. Along with providing sun protection to light-sensitive materials like wood and plastic, they are also weather resistant. 

Our High-Quality Paint and Coating Products Can Fulfill All Your Needs

High-quality wooden furniture isn’t cheap. You should want to protect your investment with effective sun protection. Luckily for you, as you can see, there are many easy ways to do so.

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