The Benefits of MAS Wood Decorative Finishes

MAS wood decorative finishes work for both residential and commercial housing. The types of decorative finishes you choose will determine the level of protection provided by the wood finish.

The different types of MAS wood decorative finishes include:

  • MAS Imposed finish
  • MAS Apricot peel
  • MAS Ceramic effect
  • MAS Metallic finish
  • MAS Orange peel effect
  • MAS Burl effect
  • MAS Cracked effect
  • MAS PU Mother pearl PL finish
  • MAS PU Mother pearl HT finish
  • MAS Leather effect
  • MAS Marble effect
  • MAS Pearl finish flash effect
  • MAS Multicolored
  • MAS American wash

The best finish for wood furniture boosts appearance and provides protection. Read on to learn the benefits of MAS wood decorative finishes.


The major advantage of the MAS special decorative finishes is that they can help you to create a luxurious interior without breaking your budget. Each of these effects imitates expensive materials such as ceramic, precious metals, leather, marble, pearl and more.

Marble countertops, pearl frames, leather bed headboard, ceramic decorations – these are just a few ideas of how you can profit the special effect paints in your project.

Besides their cost-effectiveness, these paints are designed with an environment-friendly approach aiming to reduce the overconsumption of natural materials and keep our planet safe.

MAS Wood Decorative Finishes Prevent Wood from Rotting

If exposed outdoors without proper cover or being located in a very humid environment, wood can undergo rotting. Rotten wooden furniture has less visual appeal and increases the risk of the structure collapsing.

Some of the rotten wood furniture trigger factors include mold and mildew growth, and termite attacks. Unfortunately, when rotting begins, it becomes hard to stop the process.

So, applying MAS decorative finishes can help to protect your hardwood furniture from humidity, mold and rotting process.

Protection from Moisture and Sun Rays

When water penetrates your wood furniture, it can cause more than rot. Once the wood freezes after taking in water, it begins to crack and break apart.

If the process repeatedly repeats, you might experience destruction on your wood project. Besides, UV rays from the sun can damage unfinished wood surfaces, causing discoloration with time.

MAS decorative wood finishes will create an additional protective layer on your furniture and preserve its structure. 

Ease of Use

Unlike other wood paints, MAS decorative finishes are easy to use. Instead of choosing several paints needed to create a marble or any other effect, you can simply order one special effect paint from our brand which will include an instruction on how to create the chosen effect.

If you would like to get professional training and to learn more about MAS application techniques, you can sign up for the Decomas training and courses, the leading provider of education and training in the decorative paint industry in Dubai. Our learning system allows you to follow demonstrations in the workshop and do practical exercises under the guidance of trained MAS staff.

Be sure to check out our catalog for the different wood decorative finishes.