Architecture Home Design: Most Popular Villa Exterior Styles in Dubai

Dubai’s construction boom has led to an eclectic set of styles. There’s no one dominant architecture home design. Instead, Dubai is home to some of the best architecture in the world.

These eclectic design choices extend to home designs too. Whether it’s a Western-influenced classic design or a sleek, modern take on the home, Dubai offers a variety of home designs to wow you – and that’s only from the exterior.

Here are some of the most popular exterior villa designs in Dubai.

Mediterranean Villa Design

Red tile roofs and ornate archways are signatures of Mediterranean-style villas, which have proved to be popular all over the world. Dubai is no exception to this rule. 

Mediterranean home design connects the owner with nature. Terraces, balconies, patios, and large windows all help blend the outdoors with the indoors. Textures and colours are natural and earth-like. 

Mediterranean homes are usually only one or two stories tall, with large symmetrical exteriors. The front door is usually centred on the exterior of the house. Wrought iron is a common exterior feature and often serves as a decorative element in patios and terraces.

If you are building a Mediterranean style home or want to spruce up an existing build, your exterior curved surfaces and archways can have Marmorino paint applied to them, leaving a joint-free finish. 

Interiors can also use Marmorino paint. Alternately, Tilal paint applied with a simple trowelling technique can create an environmentally friendly monochromatic effect.

Classic Villa Design

A classic villa design fuses elements of the past. Greek, French, and Roman designs are integrated into an elegant villa design. Ornate facades, symmetry, and marble columns are trademarks of a classic exterior house design. Classically designed columns perform both a decorative and structure bearing function.

A classic villa design can be enhanced with our MAS Ferro, a satin finish paint. It can be used on steel gates and fences. It’s also perfect for decorating interior walls, further enhancing the opulence of interior space.

Modern Villa Design

Modern villa designs connect the indoors and outdoors. In many instances, a flat roof is common. Wood and metal often adorn the exteriors of modern villas. Large glass windows, glass walls, and sliding glass partitions are common.

Modern exterior villa design grabs one’s attention through its simplicity and elegance. Clean, minimal lines and smooth textures are common elements of modern architectural design. Another aspect of modern design that catches one’s attention is asymmetrical designs.

A modern villa design paired with our Mastherm will provide an insulating coat perfect for wall sources and roofs. It repels water and humidity and protects against fungi growth. 

Modern villas often incorporate wood into their designs. Poolside patios are common features of modern villas. Interiors are often decorated with functional and beautiful wooden stairs. Wood cladding is often used in part to accent exterior features and can highlight and elevate entryways.

For wood, our exterior wood stain comes in a variety of colours that enhance the details and appearance of the wood. 

All Architecture Home Design Enhanced With MAS Paints

Regardless of what style of architecture home design is your favourite, all can be enhanced with MAS paints. MAS paints are made in the UAE with raw Italian materials. We have over 200 wood and decorative paints for your exterior and interior home needs. 

If you’re unsure what kind of paint you need, our showroom experts can help. Contact us with any questions you may have.