A Quick Guide to Traditional Interior Style

When decorating your home, there are so many styles you can choose from to create a space that feels like you. It doesn’t matter which style you choose, as long as you feel comfortable and like the space represents your personality!

Many people gravitate towards the traditional interior design style because of the classic look, warm palettes, and clean feel it offers. It’s easy to insert some of your own charm into a traditional space while still having it feel cohesive and intentional. Traditional homes always feel inviting and relaxing.

Here are some of the hallmarks of a good traditional interior style you should add to your home.

Interesting Wall Treatments

Classing interior design focuses on creating a solid foundation that you can then build on for the more lived-in feeling. And no foundation is complete without stand-out walls.

Giving the walls a little something extra using decorative paints can take a boring room into something spectacular.

Try adding something will a little texture and movement. This makes a dynamic background that the rest of your finishes can build off of for a truly stand-out space.


Rich Materials

A key component of traditional decor is using materials that are high-quality. They should feel lush and rich to achieve the timeless feel that will last long past any trends.

These materials often come with a higher price tag, so you may need to get a little creative. Using paint to simulate these textures, like marble or ceramic, can give you the look for less with just a little bit of effort.

Collected Feeling

So many are drawn to the classical style in interior design because it feels satisfying and welcoming. Homes decorated in this way remind you of the past without feeling dated.

This feeling is best demonstrated through furniture choices that feel collected and intentional.

Every item in the space should add to the overall feeling and have a reason for being there. A traditional room tells the story of your life through the pieces that are displayed.

Special Details

While it’s easy to get the traditional interior style right, there are a few ways it can fall flat and feel boring. The easiest way to avoid that is by making sure you add in a few special details throughout the space.

Gold leafing is an easy way to bring a little glam and beauty to a room without being too overdone!

Traditional Interior Design Style Basics

Decorating a home can feel like a daunting task since there are so many decisions to make. Choosing which style you’re more drawn to can help ease some of that stress and help guide those choices along the way.

Traditional interior design is a great choice for those who are looking for something classic, simple, and timeless. It’s a great base to start with that makes a home feel complete and allows you to interject yourself without looking undone.

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