Top 5 Must-Have Products for Exterior Finishing

Based on previous paint jobs, exteriors should get painted every 5 to 10 years. But how do you decide which exterior finishing you should go with? There are tons of different options and colours to decide from.

If you’re looking for the best exterior finish, look no further. We’ll take you through the top five must-haves for exterior finishing.

We’ll go over the types of finishes and what they’re good for. No more questioning if you’re getting the right thing. You can decide which exterior finish is right for you.

Here are the top 5 types of paints.

1. PU Acrylic Paints

Polyurethane acrylic paints are great for outdoor furniture, steel gates, and external gates. You can even use it for automotive refinishes.

It’s weather-resistant and unaffected by the elements, including humidity, heat and sunlight. This makes it a perfect choice for any of your exterior needs. You can paint the house and not worry about having to redo it in a year.

This choice is best as a topcoat for acrylic or epoxy bases. And you can get the application done with a roller, brush or spray.

Before using this, make sure you remove anything that may be on the surface. This will ensure a perfect application and adhesion.

2. Duratex

Duratex is a high quality, textured finishing paint. It’s great for indoor and exterior protection. Not to mention, you can use it for decorative paints.

This choice is alkaline resistant and has good weather resistance. It has strong adhesion to wood or other surfaces so that no matter what you’re painting, it’s protected.

Use a textured roller or spray to get the look you want for your exterior projects.

3. Marmorino

Marmorino is the perfect way to incorporate art when you paint the house.

This choice of paint has a range of colour choices from natural stone to an antique marble design. You can choose the right look for you, while still getting an amazing finish.

This is great for walls, ceilings, columns and curved surfaces. It’s the perfect choice for adding a little beauty to your exterior finish.

4. Tilal

This is a water-based, interior and exterior finish. Like Marmorino, it can be applied to walls, columns, and curved surfaces. And, it’s used a decorative finishing touch.

Tilal gives a monochromatic effect and is eco-friendly. This is a good choice for decor and keeping the environment safe.

Note: If using this finish for wooden surfaces, make sure you sand the wood first. The surface should be smooth to the touch and wiped clean with a rag when finished.

5. Stains and Dyes

Stains and dyes are great choices for wooden, exterior surfaces. They both get the job done and make the surface look fresh and new.


Exterior stains use a range of dyestuff and stains. These get dispersed in a suitable solvent to emphasize its colour. You can use it for all types of woods, plywood, and solid wood.

Designed for outdoor furniture, this is a great way to redo the wood surfaces outside your home. There are no problems with patches of colour when staining. And with a wide range of colours to choose from, you’ll have the look you want in no time.


Dyes seep deep into the wood and bond to it, so there’s no need to use binders. This is the best choice for adding colour to wood without losing its shape. This is because dyes are translucent, so you can add more intense colour without losing the grain.

Since dyes go right into the wood, any finish will go over it no problem.

Get the Right Exterior Finishing for You

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You’ll get the look you want for whatever exterior projects you’re working on. Let us help you with the finishing touches.

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