The Autumn Colour Palette: Explained

As the seasons change, so do the seasonal colours. The cool teals and bold and bright tones have been left behind with the summer sun.

But what colours are hot during autumn? 

If you’re getting ready to start painting furniture or accessories for your home, or if you’re interested in painting entire rooms for the seasonal changes, we’re here to talk about the autumn colour palette. Keep reading to learn all about fall colours that are popular this season. 

Seasonal Colours: What Are They?

During autumn, people tend to focus on warm colours that remind them of falling leaves, warm fires, and pumpkins. These colours channel Halloween and fall festivals.

Warm colours are cosy. Bold and warm colours tend to be invigorating while muted and warm colours feel like a warm fireplace. 

On the darker and less vibrant end, you’re looking for brown hues. Warm browns channel firewood and treebark. 

On the more vibrant end, you’re going to try to incorporate bold orange, rust, and brick hues. Often, a splash of a bright colour like dark mustard yellow makes the perfect focal point for an autumn room. 

Creating a Colour Scheme

Once you’ve established the colours that you plan on using in your home, it’s important to develop a cohesive colour scheme that allows you to put them together. 

Sometimes a monochromatic colour scheme is appropriate, but in this case, we recommend choosing several hues to combine instead of various shades of a single hue. 

Pair vibrant and bright hues with muted hues. Brown pairs well with yellow and darker and rustier oranges pair well with brighter and lighter ones. Pairing these colours creates a visually interesting space. 

Tips and Inspiration

When it comes to incorporating these colours into your rooms, you have options. 

Painting an entire room for a single season is overwhelming. Warm colours, however, don’t have to be seasonal. Warm orange hues work well in bedrooms and dining rooms year-round. 

If you want a less autumn-based space while still putting some colour on the wall, consider making a statement wall. One wall will have a new colour or colourful design while the others stay the same. This allows you to add autumn flair to your space without all of the work that comes alongside painting an entire room.

You can also choose to paint or stain furniture. This way, you’re making a smaller change and you can shift furniture in or out depending on the season.

Pair your painted furniture or walls with warm accessories. Light orange or mustard hues work well as throw pillows or blankets to add a pop of colour to a muted autumn room. 

Switch to an Autumn Colour Palette This Season

An autumn colour palette is warm and inviting. It’s a great choice if you plan on hosting holiday parties or family dinners. Channel the feeling of warm fireplaces and falling leaves.

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