A Guide to Exterior Paints for Your House

Are you ready to freshen up your home’s exterior? A new paint job can do the trick and quickly amp up the curb appeal of your home.

Here is a simple guide to some of the best exterior paints for your home, and a few tips on how to apply them.

Happy painting!

Marmorino Paint

Marmorino paints hail the classic look of ancient churches, palaces, or old historical buildings. If you’re going for a timeless look, these exterior paints are an excellent choice.

Marmorino works well as a house paint for anywhere that you have very smooth surfaces. Pillars, columns, or curved surfaces take well to Marmorino paint.

It comes in a variety of tints and colours and can be applied up to 3 layers for a smooth, good sheet. This classic paint look will add a touch of regal to your home’s exterior.


If you’re taking on your home renovation yourself, Mas Tilal paints are a perfect choice as they are easy to apply. You need no elaborate mixing of colours and you can apply it easily with basic trowelling.

Good for both exterior and interior paint jobs, Tilal paint also offers a sophisticated and smooth look similar to Marmorino.


Do you need exterior paints for a concrete surface? Duratex paints work well and are dry within 3 hours of application. Choose the type of Duratex paint which fits best your project: sand, fine, medium, or premium.

When painting your house with Duratex, you will need a Masonry AR primer and one coat of Acrylic Primer White. Just be sure that before you begin, you wash and remove any existing paint from the surface you are covering.

Mas Finetex

Would you love an artistic, thick, texture on the exterior of your home? Mas Finetex paint could be the perfect choice for you. This decorative paint gives you a high-quality finish.

Mas Finetex is based on a special acrylic resin.

You may want to finish your Mas Finetex paint job with a Mas Paint decorative finish to lengthen its life. Just be sure not to apply this particular paint or finishes on a day when humidity is high.

Mastex Premium

Mastex Premium paint is not ideal for those living in humid climates. However, it offers a beautiful, decorative texture once applied.

The finished exterior is alkaline-resistant, giving you a sturdier paint job that won’t crack easily. Mastex premium is one of the Mas paints that is flexible once dried so it’s less likely to need a touch-up as soon as some other exterior paints.

Mastex Medium & Coarse

Mastex Medium and Mastex Coarse paints are great all around, wherever you live, and with many different climates. It provides a high-quality, medium-textured finish.

If you want your painting project to create a more interesting and decorative look to your home’s exterior, this paint does the job.

It’s easy to apply, has various texture patterns, and is weather and scrub-resistant. Mastex medium and coarse paints can be applied to surfaces where a glossy finish existed before. Just be sure you sand down the previous paint before applying.

Mastex Fine

Are you thinking of adding a brighter pop of colour to your home exterior? Mastex Fine is a paint that holds its colour well, especially under extreme weather.

It’s got good adhesion and is easy to apply. It does require the use of a primer such as Mas Masonry Primer White to reach optimal hiding before applying the Mastex Fine paint.

The Right Exterior Paints for You

Knowing which kind of exterior paints to use will not only ensure you get a beautiful finish but that your paint job will last.

Mas paints are an excellent choice. Contact our paint experts today for guidance in choosing the perfect paint for your next painting project.