How to Create the Industrial Style Home of Your Dreams Using MAS Paints Microcem

If you want an industrial style home, which is sleek and modern, but you don’t have the money for a complete renovation. What do you do?

There are many ways you can re-chic your space on the cheap! First? Tear away that unwanted wallpaper and flooring and re-do with a more industrial material like MAS Microcem!

First, though, let’s touch on what makes an industrial home feel industrial.

The Characteristics of an Industrial Style Home

Industrial design is used in high-rises, commercial spaces, and modern houses. An industrial design can emphasise utility, create a feeling of rawness, or make a smaller space feel larger.

The best way to evoke a more industrial feel is to include concrete, or concrete-like, elements on your walls or floors.

The result of industrial design is a “warehouse-like” feel that lends itself well to stainless steel appliances, vintage furniture, and wooden accents. The best feature of Industrial design is its ability to fuse the new and the old in one cohesive space.

What Are the Advantages of MAS Paints Microcem?

You can distil down the advantage of these materials to their finish and feel.

Anything that looks or feels like concrete will add a cooler feeling to most rooms. That cooler feeling tends to make a smaller area feel larger than it is.

Additionally, the rougher textured that concrete-like finishes have, give surfaces visual intrigue. The more uneven finish breaks up the light that hits it, making an otherwise sterile material or space feel warmer and much more interesting.

How Do You Get an Industrial Finish Quickly and Cheap?

Our favourite solution for an industrial finish is MAS Microcem. Microcem is a concrete-like paint product MAS paints created for walls and floors. MAS Microcem will often outperform more traditional quick-set mortars and cement in refinishing applications.

You can follow the steps below for a flawless application.

Mix Your MAS Microcem

Mix your MAS Microcem Base B with a mechanical mixer, a drill fitted with a cement mixing paddle or simply by hand.

Mix in the desired coloured pigment until the base is evenly coloured. MAS has a variety of pre-made colours to suit your needs.

Mix in the MAS Microcem Base A to start the curing process. Make sure you consistently mix for at least three minutes. If you got your ratios wrong, add more Base A or water until you achieve a thick enough consistency to stick but thin enough to spread easily and avoid clumping.

Apply Your Microcem

Spread a thin layer of your Microcem mixture over the surface you want to coat. Make sure to make a second pass with your trowel to remove any lumps. Let dry for an hour between basecoat applications.

After your basecoat is dry and to the desired thickness, sand it with 220 grit, vacuum away all dust, and apply the topcoat. Let the top coat dry for at least two days between applications.

Get Your Finish Right

After you’ve coated your walls or floors in MAS Microcem, you can call your renovation done! You can also go for a high-gloss look with a MAS clear finish or an epoxy coating.

Add the Finishing Touches, and Your Industrial Space Is Done!

Once you’ve refinished your walls, floors, etc., with MAS Microcem, it’s time to decorate!

Modern industrial home design does great with repurposed furniture, upcycled accessories, and stainless steel. So, it’s time to get your shopping engines revving!

How shall you create your industrial style home? If you’re looking for any ideas or have any questions about your space, don’t be afraid to reach out!