How to Repurpose Furniture and Paint New Life Into Your Space

Are you wanting to change up your current home or apartment without breaking the bank? Perhaps you’re moving into a new space soon and need new furniture.

Stylish furniture does not have to cost an arm and a leg. A creative way to update your furniture is to repurpose old furniture and paint over it.

Learning how to repurpose furniture is simple and fun. Continue reading to learn what you’ll need to do to repurpose old furniture with paint.

additional coats

1. Gather Supplies

Before you begin painting, you’ll need to gather the necessary supplies to make the process go smoothly.

The first thing you’ll need is furniture. It is easier than ever to find antique furniture online. Begin with a dresser, chair, table, or nightstand.

Have sandpaper on hand as well as clean, dry rags. Choose paint brushes with natural bristles. Break out the toolbox and find a screwdriver to remove any hardware on the furniture.

A tack cloth is essential for removing all unwanted particles before painting. A drop cloth is a smart choice to avoid getting paint on your floors.

For painting, you will need a primer, your choice in a trendy paint colour, and a protective finish.

gather supplies

2. Prep to Paint

The proper preparation will ensure a smooth final product. Remove any knobs or hardware that you will reinstall at the end. Begin by thoroughly sanding your furniture item. Sand in the direction of the wood grain.

After sanding, vacuum the piece to remove sawdust and debris. Once you’ve vacuumed the piece, use your tack cloth to pick up the last remaining dust particles.

prep to paint

3. Paint the First Layer

Now you are ready to paint with our quality paint colours. Paint a layer of primer on, unless your paint has primer included in it.

Use your paintbrush to add the first layer of colour to your furniture piece. Cover the entire surface of your furniture. Your first layer may be streaky. Resist the temptation to add a thicker coat for your first layer because of this.

first layer

4. Add Additional Coats

Once the first paint coat has dried, use fine sandpaper to sand the surface again. Sanding sponges are a great option for this job. Sand thoroughly, but avoid over-sanding so you don’t end up with worn-down edges.

Vacuum the piece once more after you finish sanding. Finish with using the tack cloth to remove any remaining particles.

Cover the piece with the second coat of paint. After adding this coat, the colour will look smoother.

Repeat the same sandpaper, vacuum, and tack cloth steps after your second coat has dried. Finally, add your third and final coat.

5. Add the Finishing Touches

Once all your paint has dried, give it a very light sanding. Protect the paint job with a protective finish. High gloss finishes are often easier to clean. Sealing wax is a great option for a more matte finish.

Polycrylic and polyurethane are good options if you want more protection.

After you’ve painted on your protective finish, add any dresser drawer knobs, hinges, or other hardware back to the piece.

Repurpose Furniture

Now You Know How to Repurpose Furniture

Now that you know how to repurpose furniture, you can admire the new stylish addition to your home.

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