Painting Your House Following the NCS 2021 Colour Trends

Are you looking for an ultra-modern colour scheme for your property? This year’s natural colour system has put the focus firmly on warm, earthy tones. Anyone wanting to create a modern home should aim to incorporate this into any upcoming design plans.

Knowing the colours and using them are two different things entirely. To assist, we have provided a must-know guide to applying the 2021 paint colour trends in your home.

What Is NCS?

The natural colour system (NCS) is a tool used by designers and manufacturers. It is a scientifically designed system that allows colour to be described on different surfaces. This allows a global standard for colour communications, quality and definition.

The system works using the six elementary colours which humans believe to be pure colours. That means that these six colours can are not perceived to be anything else, for example, orangey-red, or bluish-green. Using a three-dimensional colour space, they can use these colours to plot the 10 million colours the human body can perceive.

Every year, the NCS releases their colour trends for the coming year. These are colours that will be used in design and architecture.

What Are the 2021 Paint Colour Trends?

The colour trends put out by the NCS for 2021 focus on warm, earthy nuances and natural tones. To reflect this, the trend for 2021 has been named Honesty. The scheme provides assurance and comfort in a time of uncertainty and the change of the past year.

The colours in this scheme focus on browns, yellows and red mid-tones. It has an autumnal feel, with no colours being seen as too light or too dark. Yet, all of the colours offer both balance and contrast.

Painting Your House With the NCS Colour Trend

As the Honesty scheme includes a number of neutral tones, you have plenty of options for both overall wall colour schemes, and feature walls of a different colour. While some of the browns could seem claustrophobic if applied to every wall in a room, when offset against the gentle stones and sand you will have a beautiful space the blends seamlessly with the natural environment.

Select the areas you want to keep bright, such as the entrance hall, and choose the sands and stone colours for this. In areas with increased natural light, you can afford to take more liberties with larger areas of red and brown tones.

Matching Walls to Furnishings

Natural materials will thrive with this colour scheme. In the living room, leathers and woven fabrics will really be enhanced by the natural look of your walls. If you can mirror the tones in the walls to larger items of furniture like television consoles and coffee tables, trying to do it by sticking with natural materials made from finished woods.

Decorative items should also stick with the natural theme. Stone vases and pebbles will be great for decoration, along with heavy, fur rugs and woven throws.

Stay Natural

The 2021 paint colour trends all point to nature. Do not feel you have to stick to the scheme to the letter. Experiment with any natural materials and colours within your home and see which gives the correct design aesthetic for you.

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