The Must Have Winter Colour Palette and Matches for 2021

Are you looking to take colour inspiration from the winter months? Are you struggling to find the perfect shades to transform your home?

If you are missing a cold winter you can use colours to recreate your favourite season, and we’re here to help you.

Let’s go through the best winter colour palettes out there for you!


Use Nature as Your Inspiration

The wonderful colours of winter can inspire you when it comes to picking a colour palette for your interior designs. Winter Palette

Dark greens and browns can bring to mind the smell of trees in the forest as you ski or do other winter sports. Shades of grey can add some darkness to rooms without being too gloomy if you choose the right shade of grey.

Lighter greys contrasting with brighter colours will add depth to any room. Different shades of dark and deep blues bring to mind the night sky during the winter months. Neutral colours, like shades of tan, can help you bring out the other natural colours in your home and contrast with other design features that may be present.

Aurora borealis provides colour inspiration. Different shades of bright greens and blacks can help you transform your home with the colour of this natural phenomenon.

Aurora Borealis colour inspiration

Keep It Cozy

Dark, warm colours can be a great inspiration for your interior design ideas. Shades of burgundy, navy, brown, rust, ebony, and so many other colours can make a perfect fit for your home this winter.

Yellows and reds can make your room feel a little more inviting, and add some sun to your home during the long winter months, even if you live in a warmer climate.

For some contrast with your dark paint, try creams and alabaster whites to maintain light in your room.


Ice, Ice, Baby

Are you looking to add a beautiful ice or fresh snow effect to your home? Check out DECOR ME-103 and MS 15 for one of the most unique looks on the market today.

ME 103

DECOR MS 15 MAS Paints

MS 15

And, these are just some of the few winter-themed effects you can add to your paint style this winter. You can add a faded white border to a solid dark colour to add a winter wonderland look to the feel of your home. You can use different techniques, like sponge painting, to add winter-like textures when you’re repainting your home.

You can add a metallic effect to an accent wall to create more contrast in your room. Marble wood will give you the ability to add details and texture to your home’s design.


These Winter Colour Palettes Are Just the Start

Hopefully, these winter colour palettes have given you the inspiration you need for your home redesign.

Do you have more questions about paint and the home redesign process? Are you looking for advice? We’re here to help. Make sure that you contact us today.